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First bail request (30.03.2019 – denied
by Magistrate Donatella Frendo Dimech Second bail request (29.10/31.10.2019) – granted
by Judge Judge Aaron Bugeja Presiding judge: Magistrate Nadine Lia
(in office since Feb, 2019, daughter in law of former Maltese Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat’s, lawyer)

Prosecution legal team: Omar Zammit and Christa Armeni

Defense legal team: Cedric Mifsud, Gianluca Cappitta (Mifsud&Mifsud) and Neil Falzon (Aditus)

28.03.2019 – Arrest of the El Hiblu 3
30.03.2019 – Introduction of charges, including terrorism Initial bail request for the three denied 09.04.2019 – Submission of prosecution and defense 24.06.2019 – Attorney requests independent age assessment 12.09.2019 – Prison authorities reject request for interpreters provided by defense 24.10.2019 – Hearing adjourned to 30 October 29.10.2019 – Bail request for 19 year old Abdalla 30.10.2019 – Hearing adjourned for missing documents 31.10.2019 – Bail request for the two minors Amara and Kader 07.11.2019 – Bail hearing, decision adjourned to 12.11.19 12.11.2019 – Bail hearing, decision made ‘in camera’ 15.11.2019 – Bail granted 20.11.2019 – El Hiblu 3 are let out of jail on strict bail conditions 06.01.2020 – Hearing 01.04.2020 – Hearing 25.06.2020 – Hearing 30.07.2020 – Hearing 19.11.2020 – Hearing 19.11.2020 – Hearing 04.03.2021First Eye Witness from the El Hiblu was heard in court
15.04.2021Hearing postponed 21.05.2021Two of seven planned witnesses are heard
25.05.2021 – Hearing 24.06.2021Judge threatens 'measures' as witness expresses discomfort
07.10.2021 – Hearing 13.10.2021Witness fined for contempt
11.11.2021 – Agency for the Welfare of Asylum Seekers' representative confirms that the prosecution hadn't reached out to locate survivors from the ElHiblu rescue before September 2021 18.11.2021Court cannot locate all witnesses
03.02.2022 – Two witnesses testified. Confirming that the accused “did not panic, but were calming people.” 08.02.2022 – A witness was summoned to testify in the ElHiblu3 case. Based on his testimony he was threatened to being held in contempt with the court and remanding him in costody. 10.03.2022Hearing postponed